Byron B. Carson, III


Byron Carson is a PhD Candidate studying economics at George Mason University

Curriculum Vitae - Full 

Academic Appointments

Hampden-Sydney College, Visiting Assistant Professor, 2017-present


Title: The Political Economy of Epidemiology

Committee: Christopher J. Coyne (chair), Peter J. Boettke, and Peter T. Leeson

Summary: My dissertation develops an institutional framework to epidemiology that explains the conditions under which private actors resolve collective action problems associated with the prevention of infectious diseases. This framework is applied to a number of historical and modern cases from the United States and across the world to show that despite the theoretical problems of externalities and free riding, private coordination is more likely than previously thought. This is the case when people capture the benefits of prevention or lower the cost of coordination. The main conclusion is that private means of disease prevention can be a significant alternative to state provision of public health goods. This is especially important for people who do not have access to functional governmental health institutions.

Job Market Paper: "Property Rights, Profit, and Ebola Prevention."


George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia

Ph.D. Student in Economics, 2017

M.A. in Economics, 2013

Primary Fields: Public Choice and Austrian Economics

Secondary Fields: Development and Health Economics, Economics of Epidemiology

Rhodes College, Memphis, Tennessee

B.A. in Economics, 2011


"Firm-Led Malaria Prevention in the United States, 1910-1920," The American Journal of Law and Medicine, 2016, 42: 310-332.

Working Papers

"Infectious Ideas: The Transformation of Economic Epidemiology, 1993-2016.” Invitation to submit for special issue in Oeconomia on Health Economics.

“Informal Norms, Stigma, and Disease Prevention.” Invitation to submit for special issue in The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics on Stigma.

"The Institutions of Disease Prevention and Epidemiology" - (2016)

"The Political and Economic Barriers to Lasting Public Health Reform in Haiti" - (2016)

Review Articles

"Angus Deaton's, The Great Escape: Health, Wealth, and the Origins of Inequality." The Review of Austrian Economics, 2015, 28(4): 443-447.


George Mason University

Economies in Transition, Econ 380 - Summer 2013

Intermediate Microeconomics, Econ 306 - Fall 2013, Spring 2014

Economics of Developing Areas, Econ 360 - Fall 2014, Spring 2017

African Economic Development, Econ 362 - Spring 2015


Health Law Professor's Conference - June 2016

"Firm-led Disease Prevention in Liberia during the 2014 Ebola Epidemic"

Public Choice Society Annual Conference - March 2016

"Market-based HIV Prevention in South Africa, 2000-2015"

Symposium on Global Infectious Diseases: New Challenges and Solutions - January 2016

"Firm-led Malaria Prevention in the United States, 1910-1920"

Southern Economics Association Annual Conference - November 2015

"The Institutions of Disease Prevention and Epidemiology"