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          30 Years of Experience in Cryogenics, 1991-2021

          Celebrating 30 years, Kryooprema established and confirmed itself as an international cryogenic equipment manufacturer and service provider.

          Trade Agreements with Russian Federation and Customs Union Countries

          Following the Trade Agreements with Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan Serbia will sign, by the end of this year, the same Trade Agreements with Armenia and Azerbaijan with no customs duties for the imported goods of Serbian origin.
          April 2019

          Cooperation with Cryospeccentre (CSC), Moscow, Russian Federation

          The cooperation with CSC, Moscow, distributor of Kryooprema’s cryogenic equipment in Russian Federation, in the past two years, has been successful in terms of sales, technical support to the Customers, work with Rostekhnadzor as well as of equipment imports administrative procedures and logistics. The Kryooprema and CSC decided to continue this cooperation for the next two years.
          April 2018

          Participation in Calabar Project, Nigeria with General Electric/Energoprojekt

          Kryooprema delivered cryogenic equipment for LOX, LIN and LAR stations as well as for hydrogen station for General Electric/Energoprojekt for Calaber Project in Nigeria. Deliveries included also 8 regulation, control and safety rack stations for gas supplies to the various End User’s equipment.
          May 2017

          New Investments in Production Facilities

          The investment cycle in new production facilities began in 2016 and planned to be concluded in 2017. It consists of a new production shop and automatic welding equipment following the increased demand of our cryogenic equipment home and abroad.

          ISO 9001-2015 Certification

          Kryooprema received the ISO 9001-2015 Certificate from TUV Thuringen as the first production company in Serbia. The company was certified for the first time in 2007 for ISO 9001-2000 (TUV Sud) then for ISO 9001-2008 in 2011 (TUV Thuringen).
          December 2016

          25 Years of Experience in Cryogenics 1991-2016

          Celebrating 25 years, Kryoorema has established itself as an international cryogenic equipment manufacturer and service provider.

          Export to Russian Federation

          Kryooprema has begun its first cryogenic equipment deliveries to Russia as a very promising market for the company.
          October 2015

          Pressure Strengthening Method for Transportable Tanks Introduced

          The company has introduced pressure strenghtening method into the production of transpotrtable tanks (TPED, EN1251, EN13530) after successful application of this method in manufacturing of stationary cryogenic tanks beginning from 2011.
          September 2015

          Kryooprema in the Gulf Region

          The company has got the first orders from the Gulf region supplying the vertical bulk tanks, horizontal and pallet transportable tanks.
          June, 2014

          New Products - Microbulk Stationary Pallet Tanks

          Kryooprema has introduced in its production programme a gamma of Microbulk Pallet Tanks with capacities 600-1000-1500-2000-2500-3000L and MWP 24/37 bar.
          July, 2013

          Success at ACHEMA 2012 Trade Fair

          Kryooprema successfully completed the participation at Achema 2012 Trade Fair by hosting a great number of visitors. Among them were the well known EU and global industrial gas companies as well as the engineering companies and individual customers from Europe, Middle East and Asia.
          June, 2012

          New Products - Compact Stations

          Kryooprema has introduced in its production programme a gamma of Compact Stations, vertical with capacities 3000L/50Nm3/h and 6000L/100Nm3/h, MWP=19/24/37 bar and horizontal on the pallet with capacities 2000L/50Nm3/h and 3000L/100Nm3/h , MWP=24/37 bar.
          April, 2012

          Cold Stretching Method Introduced

          After successful outcome of the tests made on experimental vessel, supervised by TUV, Kryooprema has introduced cold stretching method (EN13458, Annex C) in production of vertical stationary cryogenic tanks with design pressures 16/24bar and volumes from 3000L to 30000L.
          17 January 2011

          Extended Vacuum Warranty for Transportable and Static Cryogenic Tanks

          The experience in a past 15 years confirmed the quality of multilayer and perlite insulation in a Kryooprema's cryogenic transportable and static tanks. Therefore, the company decided to extend vacuum warranty for those tanks to 5 years.
          30 July, 2010